Online Therapy for First Responders

Over 1.2 million first responders put themselves on the line every day to protect the communities and people they serve. As noble as the profession is, this line of work exposes first responders to constant trauma and tragic experiences that can lead to PTSD, depression, anxiety and substance use. Because of the stressful nature of their roles, first responders often experience extreme stress that the everyday person could never understand. The connection between stress associated with being a first responder is often considered to be a significant factor that interacts with other potential risk factors to make these individuals more vulnerable to developing issues with substance abuse and other mental health conditions. In addition, a co-occurring factor that can increase the risk for the development of a substance use disorder is that many individuals employed in these professions typically use alcohol as a means to “blow off steam” or deal with stress. With the current events related to COVID-19, a new kind of stress is taking place for first responders. While there is this non discriminating unseen threat taking place, first responders are still expected to do their jobs. We at VTT are here to assist first responders in reducing their stress via an online presence throughout the state of Washington. Next date appointments are available for short-term brief counseling.

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Our Professional Therapists

Erica London

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Experience working with Healthcare Professionals, trauma, PTSD, groups, anxiety, depression, end of life, grief, and chronic illness

More info on Erica and her group practice can be found at

david simonsen
Dr David Simonsen

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Experience working with First Responders, PTSD, anxiety, depression, groups, grief, and trauma

More info about David can be found at